The “National Conference 2023: Journalism, Media & Communication” convened on October 03-04, 2023, at Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka. This gathering scrutinized the evolving landscape of journalism, media, and communication in contemporary Bangladesh.

With a legacy stretching back to pre-independence times, Bangladesh’s media has undergone transformative shifts, propelled by technological advancements and changing consumption patterns, warranting close examination.

The conference provided a forum for scholars, journalists, activists, and practitioners to exchange insights on key themes, including the media’s role in democracy, ethical practices, digital challenges, fact-checking, social media’s impact, and the right to information.

Keynotes from distinguished scholars and media professionals illuminated the path forward, infusing the event with purpose. Networking and collaboration were paramount, signaling a collective commitment to fortify bonds and instigate initiatives that will leave an indelible mark on Bangladesh’s media landscape.

The conference’s objectives are far-reaching. It seeks to dissolve academic-industry divides, promoting a fluid exchange of ideas and practices. It aims to yield invaluable insights and recommendations shaping future research, policy, and industry norms. Bridging classrooms with newsrooms and championing gender equality in the news industry are key priorities. Furthermore, it advocates for a deeper comprehension of digital transformation while combatting misinformation through robust fact-checking.

These proceedings encapsulate the essence of this historic gathering, chronicling shared wisdom, ignited debates, and forged connections. They catalyze further exploration, dialogue, and action in the dynamic realms of journalism, media, and communication.

Uzzwal Kumar Mondal
National Conference 2023: Journalism, Media & Communication